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Building Inspector Hadn't Been Inside Oakland Warehouse for 30 Years 
No Oakland building code enforcement inspector had looked at the inside of the converted warehouse that was the scene of last week's deadly fire in three decades, a city official said Wednesday. The revelation in the wake of the fire at the "Ghost Ship ...

NASA eyes possibility of Delaware-sized iceberg off Antarctica 
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is keeping an eye on a 70-mile long rift in an Antarctica ice shelf that could eventually produce a Delaware-sized iceberg and contribute toward raised sea levels. The crack in the Larsen C ice shelf also ...

Federal Judge Halts Jill Stein's Michigan Recount 
U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith on Wednesday night halted a Michigan election recount launched by Green Party nominee Jill Stein that had been underway since Monday. Stein’s campaign condemned the judgment and promised to challenge the Michigan Court ...

Donald Trump Attacks President Of Union That Represents Carrier Workers 
President-elect Donald Trump took a break Wednesday from preparing to lead the free world to write a nasty tweet about a guy in Indiana he saw on TV. “Chuck Jones, who is President of United Steelworkers 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers ...

Conspiracy Theorist Arrested for Death Threats Against Sandy Hook Parent 
A Florida woman who said the Sandy Hook massacre of 26 children was a hoax has been indicted for making death threats to one of the shooting victim's parents, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday. Lucy Richards, 57, was indicted on four counts of ...

Israeli settlers see new champion in Trump 
Yoni Binyamin lives on a windy, contentious hilltop slated for demolition, but she is convinced her community will not only remain but also continue to grow after Donald Trump becomes U.S. president. USA TODAY AMONA, West Bank — Yoni Binyamin lives on a ...

Manhunt for escapee who may have stabbed officer several times 
Michael Alan Williamson, 47, who was serving a life sentence, escaped from a South Carolina prison on night of December 7, 2016 Last Updated Dec 8, 2016 4:21 AM EST Columbia, S.C. --Authorities in South Carolina say an inmate serving a life sentence who ...

Trump Picks Scott Pruitt, Climate Change Denialist, to Lead E.P.A. 
WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump has selected Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general and a close ally of the fossil fuel industry, to run the Environmental Protection Agency, signaling Mr. Trump’s determination to dismantle President ...

Surgeon General calls e-cigarettes a public health threat to youth 
WASHINGTON – The U.S. surgeon general is calling e-cigarettes an emerging public health threat to the nation's youth. In a report being released Thursday, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy acknowledged a need for more research into the health effects of ...

A Rising Star in the Russian Military Killed in Syria 
Col. Galitsky was set for a major promotion, but got a little too close to the action in the slaughterhouse that is Aleppo. A high-ranking Russian officer, Col. Ruslan Galitsky, who was accused of commanding pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, has ...

Mayors ask Trump to reconsider DACA stance 
(CNN)Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel met with Donald Trump in New York on Wednesday, urging the President-elect to continue the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program until a modernized immigration system can be decided by Congress. Emanuel delivered a ...

Driver of deadly crash had history of accidents, seizures 
BALTIMORE – The man who crashed a Baltimore school bus into a transit bus, killing himself and five other people, had been in at least a dozen car accidents in the past five years, had a history of seizures and other medical issues, and recently had his ...

Gunman kills one man, injures another in Brooklyn shooting 
A gunman shot and killed one man and wounded another in Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon, officials said. Shots rang out on E. 80th St. near Farragut Road in Canarsie just before 3 p.m., officials said. Bullets struck a 21-year-old victim multiple times and ...

Florida Woman Indicted After Death Threats Sent To Father Of Sandy Hook Victim 
A Florida woman has been indicted after authorities said she sent death threats to a parent whose child died in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, allegedly because she believes the massacre was all a hoax. Lucy Richards, 57, of Tampa, was ...

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